Now for some light entertainment. We are happy to bring to your attention this classic clip entitled Tell Your Fortune, Lady? Which is a short movie clip involving Cartomancy where the Psychic seems to have landed herself in trouble with the law!
Clip from 1936 British Pathe Archives.

Clip from 1936 British Pathé Archives.


‘Tell your fortune, Lady? from the British Pathe Studio, London.

Tell your fortune, Lady? from the British Pathé Studio, London, starts with a shot of a woman’s hands, shuffling a deck of cards. The scene is set with a lady dressed in gypsy type clothing sat with two other women who are shuffling their decks of cards.

We are shown a quick sequence of frames, showing the different suits of the playing cards and what they actually represent.

Spades, of course, means trouble – and this is illustrated with a spade shaped frame, showing the two woman arguing

Diamonds represent wealth so in the diamond frame we see a lady in fine clothes trying on different jewellery.

Clubs represent business and work matters, so in the Club Frame we see a lady sat at her typewriter.

Hearts, obviously, relate to love and relationships and in the heart frame we see a man kissing a woman.

After, we see the individual cards and what they signify; Jack of Hearts is a lover, the King of Clubs is a business associate. When it refers to the actual pip numbers, it gives the example of 2 meaning surprise, 3 meaning delays, 5 meaning strife and finally 9 to represent “a journey”.

As we return to the table, one of the ladies proclaims that she “knows all about it” and offers to do a card reading for the lady dressed as a gypsy. She deals the cards and then makes the prediction that she is going on a long journey with a most dangerous man. Suddenly, we see a policeman fade in, just behind her, telling her to get her hat as she is now going on that long journey!

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