In this article you will find that happiness can be achieved through our own self. It will show you how easy it is to start being happier and living a more fulfilling life. Even as soon as in the next 5 minutes.

Look after Number One
look after number 1Putting yourself first from time to time is not a matter of being selfish and greedy; it is merely the acknowledgement and appreciation of yourself and what you can offer to the world. We lead such hectic lives that we often forget to look after our most important asset – ourselves. Happiness comes from within; it is a two way street – we can only be truly happy if we take care our own needs as well as those around us. It is important to recognise the effort you give in all your endeavours and by doing so you become a greater person; you will achieve your true self. Furthermore putting yourself first makes you a more attractive and appreciated asset which in-turn will generate a happier you.

It’s Only Money
Its only moneyAs the saying goes – “Money doesn’t bring you happiness”. While this statement is very true, some of us need reminding that worrying about money doesn’t bring you happiness either. Try to create a healthier, more positive relationship with money by not focusing on the lack of it; this will only bring stress into your life. Be grateful for what you have and know that money is an energy that will constantly flow in and out of your life. Realize that we are more than just our bank accounts, money doesn’t define the content of our character, we do. Concentrate your energies on the living part of your life and remember we work to live, not the other way around.

Only Sweat the Big Stuff
No WorryLife is full of little set backs. Life is full of little frustrations. Life is full of people trying to grind you down. This is life, and unfortunately it’s never going to change; however if this is true then why do we care? We have no control over any of these external factors – all we can control is how they affect us personally. We choose to take offence by what is being said. We choose to be frustrated with life’s little annoyances. We choose to allow ourselves to be knocked back. If you are constantly allowing yourself to become affected by outside influences; ones that you have no control over, then you are wasting a key part of your resources; time and energy. Ask yourself this – does it really matter? If is doesn’t, then let it go.

Don’t Worry What Other People Think
stop worryingOne of the greatest woes that people carry around with them is is – “how do other people see me?” It’s a natural human emotion to seek approval from one’s peers however to rid yourself of this worry can be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. It takes time and effort to free your self from these shackles of insecurity but once you do, you will be see the world in a whole new light. Don’t be afraid to walk your own path. Remember it is your life; people can keep their opinions and use them in whichever way they see fit however from now on, you simply don’t care. Make this quote your new life motto – “what other people think, is none of my business”

Embrace Failure
embrace failureFailure can be one of the most stressful experiences for many people. The fear is so great in some that they will reject a new project due to the perceived notion of failure. By simply re-evaluating what failure is, we remove any stress associated with it. Failure can teach us things that nothing else quite can; it shows us where we went wrong, where to improve and subsequently how to get it right in the future. Consider it as an opportunity to do something even more exciting and rewarding, with so much more insight and experience.

Discover What Makes You Happy
happyThe world is full of wonder and interests – all a click or two away on the internet. What excites or fascinates you? research it online. You will be amazed at the sheer size of the new world you have created, right before your very eyes. Whatever you interest may be, you will find thousands of people out there who share the same passion. There will be forums to join, physical meetings to attend and all the information you could ever need. It is possible that you will make new friends, all contributing factors to happiness.

Create your own “Happy Plan”
things that make me happy

If the goal is to create a happier you, then why not create your own “Happy Plan”. Sit back and relax and envision a more happier, centred you. What steps are required to achieve this? Spend some time drawing up your plan; perhaps keep a diary to record the progress. Moving forward with the plan will keep you focused and motivated. Keep updating it and editing it as you move forward; it should be a working, living breathing document; a template for the rest of your days. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about what would and could make you happy. These few minutes will give you the opportunity to focus on your ambitions. Regular concentration and thought on what you truly desire will open the door to transforming your dreams into your reality.

Happy Smiling People
happy smiling peoplePositivity breeds positivity. Subsequently, negativity does the opposite. Surround yourself with happy people; let’s be honest – why would you want to be around negative people anyway? If everyone around you is constantly telling you how terrible things are, then this is obviously going to have an adverse effect on your own well being.

Reward Yourself – You Deserve It
reward yourselfWhat is the point of it all if you can’t treat yourself from time to time? Whatever your guilty pleasure be, indulging in them once in a while will only bring positive outcomes. Reward yourself for all your efforts as this will reinforce your mental state; maximising all that you are and can be.

Laughter is the Best Medicine
laughterHaving a good chuckle with friends can be more beneficial than you realize. Laughter has many social benefits; as a previously stated – positivity breeds positivity. Laughter among friends triggers actual emotional change in; not only in our bodies but also the people around us. Furthermore laughter has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. It also can strengthen your immune system and decrease pain; meaning laughter truly is the best medicine.

Stay Healthy
be healthyIt is no great secret that we are what we eat. Healthy food provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals we require to function. Many people associate healthy eating with dieting however this restricts your calorie intake causing an adverse affect on our happiness levels. You can still eat the foods you like, simply in moderation. A good combination of healthy food and exercise will increase your serotonin levels in you body while creating a more positive body image. A healthier you, is a happier you!

Your Right to Happiness
be happyThe happiness you so desire is not some unobtainable fantasy, as if it were a gift from above. Happiness starts and ends with you. Nowadays it is a cliché to say – you must love yourself – however this is unquestionably the truth. How can we truly be happy if we don’t? You can choose to start your journey towards a happier future straight away, right now! Concentrate on the present and moving forward, it matters not how your situation was yesterday or even earlier today. Everybody deserves to be the happiest they possible can be. Start immediately, you owe it to yourself; make the changes and become the happier you. It is your right!
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