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psychic reading by phoneThis is the best place to have your psychic reading by phone, here you will be introduced to some of our top online psychics, all tested and carefully chosen to join our professional team of enlightened an gifted psychic readers. Please take a few moments to scroll down the list of available phone psychics considering who you feel drawn towards. We invite you to study and read their reviews, study their psychic gifts. Who do you feel drawn towards? All that you need to do is call our Psychic Hotline number to connect with your chosen psychic.

Remember to get the very best experience study each readers’ particular specialist skills; Tarot, Cartomancy, Clairvoyance, Mediumship to name just a few. These are some of the most experienced and gifted authentic psychics online today. They will deliver a reading that will answer many of your questions and we are confident that you will find them to be compassionate, understanding and clear in what they show you. Allow them to assist you with their years of psychic experience. Let them show you your tomorrow, today. Let them reveal your fate and destiny.

UK Psychic Hotline
0800 0678 627
Eire Psychic Hotline
1800 99 319
USA Psychic Hotline
1855 444 6889
International Psychic Hotline
01635 000 971

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Send your question to one of our psychics using our Text Messaging Service. Simply text TELL and your Question to 84155. (£1.50 per message, plus std nwk rate* maximum 2 messages received). 

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