With the hustle and bustle of day to day living, it is not difficult to forget to practice the art of gratitude. Life’s journey is enriched with beautiful and blissful moments; a birth, an affirmation of love, a job promotion or even a sunset. Acknowledging that not every day will be so sweet and that in order to have the light you also require the dark. Giving thanks to what we do have, not what we don’t, is an incredibly powerful spiritual vibration that can welcome an abundance of happiness and prosperity far greater than ever imagined.

Well, what is giving thanks?
It can be simply defined as an intentional appreciation for life or other people. This includes the highs, the lows and everything in between. To achieve this, we must focus on the gift of the present. We are able to put things into perspective and recognize love in our lives when we make the conscious effort to appreciate every moment.

This isn’t about just verbal manifestations of thanks (although manners are always polite!). This is about harnessing the emotional and spiritual power of gratefulness every second of the day. Many believe that gratitude for the trivial and the meaningful is the only way to achieve pure happiness. When we trust in the Universe – in that what we have at present is exactly what we need, and that we are always being guided and supported by a Higher Force – we are better equipped to embrace the positive things in life. Making the choice to be thankful is one of the most important yet overlooked virtues.

The power of gratitude and giving thanks have a significant impact on the Law of Attraction. In embracing life’s blessings and everything we are about to receive, wealth and happiness are naturally attracted our way. The frequency that we put out to the Universe is bounced back, and once we begin noticing the little victories and delights, we can draw twice the amount back into our lives. It is the art of opening our hearts to the ‘Now’.

In addition, giving thanks allows us to strengthen bonds with loved ones and cultivate better environments for healthy relationships. Parents who engage in the practice of gratitude with their children have noted that they are more helpful and siblings form closer ties.

We are positive, joyful and optimistic when we appreciate every facet of life. Socially, we are more outgoing and responsive to positive situations. Romantically, we utilize different tools to diffuse arguments, subsequently becoming more compassionate and sexually compatible. In essence, being grateful makes us more exciting and inspiring people to be around.

reflectionPracticing giving thanks encourages the mind and body to be alert and active. We can boost mental vitality and energy with gratitude for our everyday. Some studies have even shown that gratitude contributes to physical health; especially in stress-busting. Grateful people take better care of their bodies with diet and workout routines, and visit the doctor and dentist more often. The University of Manchester in England even found that being grateful can improve the quality of our sleep! The power of giving thanks is truly boundless.

Gratitude can serve as the conduit towards the Higher Self. When we tap into the vibrations of giving thanks, we access the realm of our Higher Being. It is in this Higher Self that we become more intuitive, conscious and wise. This connection empowers us to discover our Divine purpose, and with this we are able to realign our path in life.

How do we become grateful?
Like any skill, practicing gratitude takes work. We must endeavour to consciously remind ourselves each day of every gift the Universe carries to us. This could be by incorporating giving thanks into your morning routine with internal affirmations of what is great in our lives. Taking a few minutes before you start the day to reflect on positivity is proven to improve your outlook and mood.

Another popular method of practicing being grateful is to begin a gratitude diary. A straightforward way of manifesting gratitude, a diary keeps track of every little thing you are thankful for – and actually promotes grateful thoughts throughout the day. Document surprises and your sweetest, purest moments of happiness. Flick back through your entries to be flooded with memories of appreciation.

Gratitude Diary

Your diary of Gratitude

Others engage in Metta (Loving Kindness) meditation; a practice of pure, unconditional love towards all living beings, and a softening of the heart and soul. Religion supports gratitude, and prayers of giving thanks inspire us to appreciate the present. It must also always be our priority to show those we love that we are grateful for their presence in our lives.

Giving thanks is a guaranteed method of improving the quality of your life, plus it’s quick, easy and free! We can see our hearts’ desires unfold before our eyes if only we savour every moment that comes our way. Unlock the art of gratitude and unlock the full potential of life.
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