When you are holding a Deck of Playing Cards, you are indeed holding so much more; you are taking hold of a time machine.

Firstly there are 52 Cards in a Deck and 52 weeks in a year.

The 52 Cards are divided into 4 Suits; the year is divided into 4 season.

Each Season is 13 weeks long; and each suit within the Playing Cards consists of 13 cards.

If you add up all the numbers in a suit, taking the Aces as ones, 2s as two etc. and the Jacks as 11, Queens as 12, and Kings as 13 – what do you get – The answer is 91 and that is the total number of days in a Season.

Take it a step further and add all the numbers in the total deck and you get 364.

The Playing Card Deck is a replica of a Fixed Lunar Calendar. The Fixed Lunar Calendar consists of 13 cycles of 28 days each – exactly 364 days.

The calendar gives us a device to chart and plot events that have not yet occurred. We try to map out future events using our Calendars.

The Deck of Playing Cards has many wonderful features, amongst which they are indeed a perfect instrument for plotting and mapping future events. Their creation was not haphazard, there was so much thought out intention in their creation, and their purpose was to serve much more than just gaming.

So as you hold your deck within your hands, understand you are indeed holding your very own time machine; as the cards are turned; as they are dealt out before us we can glance and study at the weeks and months ahead and with understanding we can start to interpret the meanings and messages that lie within them.