Finding ourselves experiencing that Mercury is in retrograde can be worrying and upsetting for many people. However there is a way through to the other side and in this short article we can look at how to maximise the potential it can actually offer you.

Between 5th January until 25th January Mercury will be in retrograde – this mean it will seem as if the planet Mercury is going and moving backwards through the zodiac. Backward motion that is referred to as retrograde motion. This happens about three times every year. As it does people will find themselves being effected and can find themselves frustrated and confused. They can also find they keep getting delayed in all that they try to do and accomplish.

So how best to work and carry on when Mercury is in retrograde. Certainly a more relaxed approach to all matters will help. Mercury is to effect communications, travel, technology and papers and document – contracts and so forth. When you are to travel give yourself longer to get to your destination. In terms of communication try to make yourself as clear as possible; any simple communication may become more complicated or misunderstood. This is certainly a time for your mobile to keep crashing on for you to have issues with your laptop. If you are signing important papers documents or contracts, consider waiting until after the 25th January if at all possible. Do not rush ahead and make any major decisions – hold off, look over the fine print. Hold steady!

The current Mercury retrograde comes right at the beginning of the year, so what better way to start the new year off by taking time to reflect, recharge and plan for all that you want to achieve in 2016. Get your plans in order for executing after the 25th January.

It is also a great time for considering having a phone psychic reading with an online psychic. There are many great readers available on this site to giving good strong online tarot readings. Treat yourself with their insight to maximise the potential of all that is coming and available to you once the Mercury retrograde has been completed.