Online dating is a tough game – get it right and you may find a partner to share all of life’s highs and lows with. Consequentially, if you get it wrong and you may find your pet being mailed to you in pieces over the course of several months. Most of us find it hard enough to pick whether a prospective beau/belle is worth the effort after meeting them. It’s even harder when they can hide behind a keyboard. The other problem is sheer numbers. With literally hundreds of thousands of users on Tinder, Match, E-Harmony, PlentyMoreFish it can be difficult sometimes to sort the wheat from the chaff. Fundamentally, online dating is a numbers game.

Enter the psychic. If you’re having trouble screening a veritable multitude of potential narcissistic exes and Russian scammers to find your true love, a psychic is a simple way to narrow the field and find your way to love. There a several reasons for this.

Firstly, psychics know you and often they know you better than you know yourself. All too often we convince ourselves we want what we don’t actually want. We may feel that a blond, slick Wall Street banker is what we desire when what’s actually closest to our heart is a laid back, free spirited traveller. Most of the priorities you think you have are merely the product of social influences (friends, family, past lovers, the media etc) which persuade you that you need something you don’t.

A psychic can set you on the path to satisfy your innermost needs before you know you have them.

Secondly, psychics know what others want. Psychics can help screen people who may seem genuine but are either dishonest about what they want or simply not compatible with you. Bridget Jones’ Diary might have worked out a whole lot differently (and been much shorter) if she’d consulted a psychic.

Thirdly, they have some idea how it’s all going to end. Even if everything seems to be going well, a psychic can let you know if something far more suitable is on the way that will trump the thing you’ve got going on with your online paramour. They can help stop you settling for second best before it becomes a problem. It’s as if you were placing a bet at the races with the inside word from the stables – maybe the answer won’t be black and white but it’s a much better bet than going off nothing but which horse is the prettiest.

So whether you’re embarking on an online dating adventure for the first time or 3 years into it with little to show, consider tipping the odds in your favour by having a chat with a psychic. Merge the great “Power” of these two forces; online dating in conjunction with your chosen favourite Psychic. It’s certainly going to make your journey and experience so much more exciting and fulfilling. Stop wasting your years on the chaff and embrace the possibilities a psychic can give. You may just strike Gold!

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