I did not write this for me; I already know about Angels. You see, I work with them and I talk to them, constantly – I always have and I am pretty sure I always will. I don’t need to write one more word however for whatever reason I am compelled to do so. It’s your Angels! They want me to. They require me to assist you to see more clearly, to feel and talk to them as I do. This is the only reason you are reading this now. Yes I know, you have free will, you can stop reading right now. But seriously I have this knowledge and I know it to be true. Read it or not. I still wrote this just for You.

I have been guided by my own Angels to give you some insight as to how you can witness and feel them right now. How you can watch for their calling cards, so you will know that you are never truly alone.
Scents and Aroma
The room will suddenly fill up with a new scent; an aromatic aroma that overpowers your own sense of smell. You have no explanation for this and as suddenly as it arrives, it disappears.
Bells and Chimes
From nowhere you will hear a sudden ring of a bell or chime however you just cannot explain it. It never repeats, leaving you thinking that you must have simply imagined it.
Yes an actual voice! The best way for me to describe this is; imagine someone saying four random words, you hear them however you can not make out exactly what is being said; again you end up bemused as it happened so quickly. You will experience this as you start to meditate more and more and your vibration increases to higher levels. Another way you may hear them is when you are falling asleep; you will suddenly hear, what I can only describe as a strong blast of radio chatter or white noise – again it’s there for a second and gone. The first this happened to me I really became rattled, literally jumping from my bed.
The way I experienced this is most curious. As I walked to my car one day; I asked for a certain song to be played on the radio, to answer a question that I had. I was half laughing as I did it however as soon as I got in the car and switched on the radio; right on cue, the track started playing. I remember I sat there mesmerized until the song had finished.
Baby Talk
Do you know a baby? When was the last time you spoke them? Watch what they look at and what grabs their attention. Even better ask them lots of questions when they start to talk. From the mouth of babes, eh? You will be astonished at what they know and how they convey it.
Flashes of lights
I experience these a lot. Sometimes when I walk out of my kitchen or my bedroom, I will see a sudden flash of light, colour or just a bright white. The instant I see them though, they have gone. On some occasions it has looked like heavy rain, but it literally lasts for a few seconds.
A Sudden Breeze
The windows are closed and I am tucked up in bed. Suddenly I will experience a sensation similar to someone blowing directly in my face. I look around, but nothing! Everything is completely still and calm.
Goose Pimples
Goose pimples down your arms and across your body when the room is warm, is a clear indication that you are being communicated with. I always can tell when I am connecting with someone because my body becomes fully charged and I experience goose pimples all over.
Gut Feeling
You will receive a strong feeling to do something or an incredibly sense of intuition. For me this can even happen at 3am in the morning. I will suddenly feel I have to write or drive somewhere, perhaps call someone. Usually I am unsure as to why, but I always follow my intuition – especially in these later years. Without a doubt though there is reason for this feeling, that must be followed.
I do not believe in mere coincidences any more. They are clear ways that we are being communicated with. I am digressing here slightly; I hope you understand why – it is my belief that it is for us to interpret what the significance of that particular coincidence is. I will always remember; a few weeks after I lost my beloved mother, I had to drive to pick my daughter who had been studying at university close to where my mum grew up. I was dreading going up there as it would remind me of too many memories. When I picked her up I asked her what she had been doing all day. She replied that she had spent the most romantic day visiting a secluded location near the sea, somewhere she had never visited before. She had no idea it was the same place my mother would spend many months as a child, exploring.
Symbols and Signs
Watch out for symbols and signs, never just take things at face value. Feathers are a good example of this.
An overwhelming feeling of euphoria suddenly comes over you and you feel quite high. You feel almost touched. For me it sometimes comes through when I am planning, writing or letting myself be free in a moment of creativity. It just overpowers me. I know I am not alone. I know that I am more than just my body.
Room Goes Cold or Hot
You suddenly feel the temperature drop or rise dramatically.
Sudden Unexpected Protection
You nearly crashed your car or you nearly got knocked down however something pulled you back at the last moment. This was an Angel. If this happens to you, rejoice in the knowledge that you were chosen to be saved.
Angels will manifest as dreams; especially those beautiful, vivid ones where upon waking, you instantly want to go straight back in. Try to record your big dreams in a Dream Journal. It is really interesting as you look back and start to connect your personal dreams with your own life.
Don’t Blink Now
The common denominator I feel with most of the experiences is the actual speed of the occurrence. Blink and you’d miss it. If you’re not “tuned in” and you’ll miss it. However you have the knowledge now, so next time, you won’t miss it. When they reach out and connect, you will catch them.
Speak to Your Angels
Finally, and I cannot emphasis enough how good this is to do – speak to your angels! It is also not as difficult as you imagine and through the technique described by Divine of Divine Miracles in her clip you will certainly gain a deeper insight into to this wonderful journey of enlightenment.

Many of our readers work with Angels and can connect to your Guides on your behalf and would be delighted to offer you their expertise and wisdom in this area. Feel free to reach out and speak to any of them.
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