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The Power of Thanks & Gratitude

Gratitude and happiness

With the hustle and bustle of day to day living, it is not difficult to forget to practice the art of gratitude. Life’s journey is enriched with beautiful and blissful moments; a birth, an affirmation of love, a job promotion or even a sunset. Acknowledging that not every day will be so sweet and that in order to […]

The Runes; Symbols, Meanings and History

Runes Featured Image

The word rune originates from the Old Germanic word “runa” meaning to whisper. They were once used for divination, fortune-telling, magic and even to bless or curse people while today runes are used for personal use in meditation as well as for daily guidance. With an almost 2000 year history, runes continue to fascinate and mystify people today. Elder Futhark […]