Our destiny has been written before we were born and the perfect match has also been determined. We can have more than one soul mate throughout our lives. A relationship can have varieties of meanings such as the relationship we have with our family members, romantic partner, or best friends. The soul mate attraction has something to do with karma. The karmic ties somehow conspire you to meet your soul mate throughout your life and some even said that it has been predetermined prior to your birth. A soul mate can bring certain impacts in our life and the interaction helps us to learn more about our own self. In other ways, a soul mate completes you – spiritually.

Everybody needs somebody to complete their mission in this world. Someone that enables them to be a better person. That someone we call a soul mate. It is called ‘soul’ because it is more than physical attraction; rather a soul connection. There is a depth in the interaction. A twin flame has an even stronger connection and bond and can actually be very difficult.

Your soul mate can be your twin flame who teaches you how to develop yourself; become a better person and you seem to be at the right place at the right time. The twin flame concept has been a huge topic since ancient times. Philosophers and scientists have been discussing twin flame – an indescribable connection filled with mystics and perhaps, sages too. In Twin Flame philosophy, a soul is divided into two and they both have different spirituality, masculine and feminine. So, frankly speaking, a twin flame is half of your own soul. A twin flame has its own timing. When the time is right, both souls will be reunited.
It is like seeing your reflection in the mirror. A twin flame makes you feel complete. Of course, it is a challenging situation when a relationship has its own ups and downs. But regardless of the obstacles, both of you still strive and even create a stronger bond – that should describe what a twin flame is all about. It is like finding that ultimate soul you once lost. This is why, soul mates may be more than one but a twin flame? Just one!

Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship
If you are still doubtful whether your relationship is considered as a twin flame relationship; these signs could help to enlighten you.

>> Overwhelmed by the love

>>It is not just a physical attraction but the sense of love is so strong – beyond words.

>>Feeling one another – Even when your partner is not physically present; you have a strong intuition on how he/she is feeling at present. This is due to the closeness that you have toward each other.

>>Contacting just by thinking – If you have an experienced, that just by thinking of your partner, he/she surprisingly contacts you? This is a spiritual experience that may be the sign of a twin flame.

>>The desire to be with him/her – A twin flame relationship has that powerful desire that makes you want to stay together no matter what the circumstances are.

The difference between a soul mate and a twin flame is that your soul feels an energetic power that’s complementing your half like no other. In our lives, we only have one twin flame and the twin flame may have a different time of incarnation. The incarnation usually happens differently when one is in higher realms, one stays.

During your life, you will also meet your soul mates in forms of friends, family and romantic partner. And it happens many times in our lives. Somehow, meeting these soul mates sharpens your intuition, teaches you lessons in order for you to meet your twin flame. Thus, the soul mates are the paths that direct you to your twin flame.
Let’s not be stressed over distinguishing between a twin flame and soul mate. What matters most, is your positive mind toward your relationship goals and by ‘asking the universe to guide you to what’s best.

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Me You Equal Soul Mates by Putrisoesilo http://www.deviantart.com/art/me-you-equal-soul-and-mate-153441542

Me You Equal Soul Mates by Putrisoesilo – DeviantArt