There are times when you have wished for something with all your heart, and when it has become a reality, you have brushed it aside as an eerie coincidence. But what you need to know is that, it is entirely possible that you made it happen, with the power of your thoughts!

The world is abuzz with research on the power that resides within us, which subconsciously can attract the energies of the universe, tame it and make it work for us; to make our wishes come true. What we think, and are able to visualize, can truly become a reality.

Science has established the fact that our brain cannot really distinguish between reality and an image that we visualize. Thus, if happiness is what you seek, and what you visualize then there is nothing that will come in your way of achieving it!

Training the mind
A dream or a thought has a limited residence time for the untrained mind. It is akin to the flicker of a flame that can either weaken and die out, or gain strength and light up the dark. It is therefore vital to ‘feed the flame’, to focus on your dream by collecting your energies and thoughts. Often, it is not our inabilities, but our thoughts that set the limits for us. How else does one explain a mountaineer with some physical disabilities scaling heights which an able bodied person can’t, or the meritorious academic result of an economically underprivileged  child which a privileged one couldn’t achieve? Our thoughts are trained to express what we think, and therefore, we need to train the mind to weed out negativeness.

The mind has infinite powers, and can act as a medium to project your thoughts from within to physical reality. Training the mind, however, is no easy task, and can be achieved through certain techniques and practices that require unwavering dedication and continuous practice.

Get Started
Let us see how we may be able to achieve some control over our thoughts; so that we are able to send out positive messages to the universe, enabling it to turn our dreams to reality. Identify one thing that you want. Create an image of this in your mind, and repeat it daily with a calm dedication. For example, saying, “I can get the job,” simply tells your mind that you will get the job. Visualize how happy you are with your new desk, new friends, and feel the happiness as if you have actually reached your new office. If your conviction is strong, you will eventually find yourself doing things that you wouldn’t normally be doing. The powers of your thought and of the universe begin to merge and steer you ahead. You land up confident at interviews, make exceptional applications….all because you know that the job is yours, and the fear of losing out has long since vanished!

Visualization can be practiced for all attributes of your life that you want to change; be it relationships, career, money or family situations. What is crucial is elimination of all negativeness and to delve only on the positive aspects that you want to experience in reality.

Reality is ‘Now’
What is real is the present. Feel that your dream is turning to reality right now, at this moment. This is the key to effective visualization. If you begin to simply think that you will someday achieve it, then there is no difference between the working of a regular mind and a trained one, because that is how you are prone to thinking at present! You have a dream, and you know that someday you will achieve it, but chances are, that you never will, because the future is like a mirage that you can’t quite capture. But the present is all yours…

To help you out, you can make a vision board and write down what you want to achieve in life in the realms of health, wealth, family, relationships, etc. Put it somewhere visible so you see it, read it, and feel it every day. Spend time each day to read slowly and absorb what you write. You could also put up pictures of your dream holiday, or your dream body, or the things you wish to own like gadgets or property.

Dream It, Live It
Since our minds can be tricked into believing and creating a physical reality based on how we visualize it, feel that success or vacation or that happiness every day, and live with it. Carry the confidence of a superstar if you dream of becoming one, feel the success of earning that corner office if that is what you aspire for.

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