This article discusses the subject of happiness and explains how you can start to be happier and embrace a stronger level of happiness right now. Many of us live with a constant belief that happiness is still to come to us, we are ever in pursuit of this elusive happiness, this happy state where we envisage that all will be in balance and most wonderful. The truth is you do not have to wait for it, it does not have to be something that is out there, as some far off impossible concept; it can start to be your reality right now. Simply start to follow some of the steps described in this detailed Map that illustrates clearly how you can enter this new World of Happiness.

The Circle of Joy
Understand that a happier you will make for a positive you and that this more positive vibration that will in fact attract much more positivity towards you.

The “Present” is a Gift
Rather than crying and regretting over the past, appreciate and understand that the past cannot be changed. It was what it was; good or bad. The good gave you pleasurable memories and joy, the bad helped teach you. All of your past experiences together helped you to get just where you are right now. The future has not yet been written, so in truth does not exist. What does exist and is true is this moment right now. Reading these words right now are your present, let them soak in and help you appreciate all that is in your life right now at this moment. Live in the Present.

The only true moment is this one now. You cannot change the past. The future is still to arrive – maximise this very moment, let it soak in and lead you to a happier future.

It starts with the very question of this article “what makes me a happier and more fulfilled person. With that in mind answering this question needs to be given some serious consideration. It needs to be made a priority. Everything else will flow from the answers you get from that question and the subsequent action that you take.

The points that we are now going to consider are not listed in any particular order, but by actually addressing them and taking affirmative action on some of the points you will indeed start to move towards a happier “you”

Body, Mind and Soul
If you have a great looking car it will still need its engine looking after, oil, water will need topping up. We are a little more complicated than the average motor, so we also need some basics to help us at least become “present and active” in our lives. To switch the ignition on we need to have food and water. We need to be refreshed. This is the first point. This need attention straight away. No good taking the car for a car wash and not servicing the engine.

It is essential you give your body the sleep and rest it craves and demands. Without adequate sleep you will struggle to get through each day. The correct level of sleep will reduce your risk of disease. If you do have the opportunity to take an afternoon nap this can be really advantageous. Depriving yourself of sleep can cause emotional problems. Good sleep will indeed make you feel much happier and positive.

It goes without saying that we need to eat a good a varied balanced healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and eggs. It is also essential that you keep drining plenty of water to keep hydrated. This will help keep you alert mentally.

Exercise Regularly
Do some exercise – you do NOT need to live in the gym, if you enjoy regularly visiting the gym fine. But you can also take regular walks, go swimming and so forth. It is also essential to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Embrace Positivity – Reject Negativity
It is essential that you protect yourself from others that can totally zap you of your energy, totally drain you. Its always good to help others, but not at the cost of totally sacrificing your own inner self. In the same way if you can engage with other upbeat positive souls this can indeed benefit your happiness greatly.

Special_offerAvoid Jealousy
It is totally detrimental to you if you spend time or energy looking at other people in terms of desire of what they have. In truth you do not know truly what they have; what issues, what problems. Do not concentrate on that aspect, wish them well and move on. Concentrate all your energy and feelings on your own individual path.


Solitude is Essential
It is essential to have some “solo” time. In this zone you can go within yourself, to relax, reflect and refocus with the one person who is always with you – you; yourself! Listen to your voice. Meditate on it. Look in the mirror. Take moments to remember who you are.

Even if you do this in the bath, or just as you fall to sleep. Clear your mind, push away thoughts, breath in and out, relax and retune, embrace the calmness.

Everything is Not an Emergency
It goes without saying if everything is an emergency, then nothing actually is an emergency, as you are putting everything on the same level If you worry constantly about every tiny thing. If you take the approach that if one thing on the plan changes all is lost, you shall become drained. Let things flow. Things do change, sometimes these unexpected changes can take you to a better position.

Why Be Angry
Anger will break you down. Anger will possess and strip away at your inner core. It is normal to sometimes feel anger, but it is how we process that anger that is the issue. Holding onto it, letting it grow and spread inside you, will indeed make you unhappy. Work out your own personal way of processing and eliminating anger from your body.

Understand the Power of Forgiveness
I cannot emphasis the power of forgiveness. It is easy to love the good and great around us. But what when someone really hurts us or betrays us? How can we give anything to that. Understand that this pain they have brought to you allows you to repay karma. Be grateful for this opportunity to break the cycle. Do not hold onto the pain and betrayal. Let it go. You will be repaid over and over in the most remarkable of ways.

Be an Actor
If you feel unhappy or not so positive consider finding the actor inside you. Change everything around and pretend to be happy. Smile in the local shop, say good morning to a passing stranger. It is such a effective tool to help distract you from you intial feeling of sadness and taking you closer to a better sense of positivity.

Failure is Normal
Understand that it is essential for our path of growth for us to fail, to get it so very wrong. It is how we deal with this failure that matters. Even if we go to bed for two days filled with disappointment, we will inevitably need to get up again. If you fail, be kind, be gentle on yourself. Be happy to have an opportunity to think how to do something better and be happy that you will now reward yourself in some small way.

Give Generously to Yourself
It is essential that you sometimes just reward yourself. You have to remember to treat that very important person “you” yourself. Do not deny yourself and please remember to do this as you would do for a dear friend or family member that needs cheering up.

Retail Therapy
We cannot all do this all the time. But sometimes its just great to indulge in some good old fashioned retail therapy. In truth you do not need to spend thousands of pounds, sometimes just a few interesting purchases in a pound-shop. Enjoy the experience, walk around, have a drink, spend a few coins.

Buy Experiences
Consider enriching your life and making yourself happier not with a physical purchase but an experience; travel, activities, art classes, learn a language whatever “moves you” personally; something that excites you, gratifies you and will make you feel more fulfilled.

Imperfection is Normal
In these days when we expect tip top service, perfect cuisine in every eatery and restaurant we set ourselves up for a fall if we set the bar so high that our expectations can never be met; not truly. So adopt a more laisse faire attitude. Be reasonable with your expectations. You make spaghetti cacio e pepe your way and you love it so..but give them a margin, this is their way of producing your favourite meal. If it truly is terrible feel free to explain in the nicest possible way, smile often and be forgiving rather than condemning. Again you may be more than surprised at the reaction you receive.

Your Journal of Life
Buy a new journal and keep writing your plans, hopes and dreams in it. Let it flow and grow. Do not become a slave to it. As you fill it in, understand its only to serve you as a rough guide. From its contents make plans, but make them with a flexible taste about them. Do not be rigid in absolutely all that you do. Allow for the margin of change, the element of surprise. Make realistic goals within realistic timelines.

Random Acts of Kindness
This can be such fun. Do not wait for a birthday or Christmas to reach out. Just be open to carrying out a random act of kindness, even towards someone you do not even know. The benefits are enormous and astonishing. Try it and be amazed. Remember be kind and be totally random!

Be grateful for all the good you already have right now, right this moment; our family, friends, pets, home, location we exist in, the people around us, the ability to enjoy and appreciate. Be grateful every day for all you already have.

Turn off Technology
Sometimes you need to be in the very reality of life; a busy market place, a quite coffee bar, a busy railway station. In these moments switch off technology and experience reality. When you are enjoying a meal or drink with someone else do not constantly be staring and checking your phone, close it off – give them the attention. They will NOT be sat in front of you forever. Another thing try to enjoy things without the need to photograph or film every detail. Experience the event in real time! Yes its good to grab a few images to remember, but the media creation should not become the actual experience.

Engage and Be Social
These good people you love and care for. These new people you have yet too meet. One day none of it will be available to you. Maximise all opportunities to engage and share experiences with others. Invest your time and energy with others not just entities.

Help Other People
Simply be there, reach out and help other people, in whatever way is needed. It will make you a happier soul.

Control what you can control
You cannot control everything – Accept it!

Love Yourself
Be kind on yourself. Like yourself and love yourself as you are right now today. You have imperfection as part of your perfect DNA, accept it.

As a wise Guru once said:-

Everything and everyone has been designed and created with a proportion of uniqueness, to serve a purpose that can be fulfilled only by being our unique self.

Only you, as you alone, can serve purpose, you are here to be you, Just You!

There was a time when a Krishna was required, and HE was sent.

A time when a Christ was required, and He was sent.

There was a time when you were required on this planet and hence you were sent.

Let yourself be the best you can be.

In the history of the universe, there has been nobody like you, and in the infinity of time to come, there will be no one like you.

Existence loved you so much that on your very creation it broke the mould so another of your kind could never be repeated.

You are original

You are rare

You are unique

You are a wonder

You are a masterpiece; your Master’s Piece!

You are here now in this very moment

Celebrate your very uniqueness right now, today!”

The Map of the World of Happiness

The Map of the World of Happiness