CaptureIs it my own voice or is it truly one of an Angel?

Just  how do you know when Angels are speaking to you?

How will you recognize the signs and messages Angels have for you?

In this article I look to discover some of the signs and ways you can identify, reach out and communcate with your Angels.

There is not just  one way Angels communicate with us. Angels connect and communicate with us in many different ways. Understand that they are all around you, your Guardian Angel has been around since before you were conceived and only purpose is to travel every step of your journey until your transcend into the light. If you need any help or assistance and a need for answers to your questions just ask them for their Divine advice. They are never going to stop or change your path as the esoteric laws which they operate under forbids this. Only in extreme emergency would this be possible, if you find yourself in really dangerous situation and its just not time for you to pass over.

Asking anything of your angels is not difficult. Just ask for the guidance that you are seeking as you would from anyone that could assist you. By doing this regularly you will not see it is random or pure chance, but very natural for you to be communicated with like this. You will receive answers and you will indeed see signs. Expect to be most surprised in there method of delivery. It is not always a voice, but a chain of unusual events that show you what you seek.

From the moment of your birth until you pass over, Angels are with you guiding and assisting you. It is natural for us to confuse our own thoughts and feelings from the communication and chatter of our Angels. How I dealt with this in my youth, was to ask for signs or symbology; I would think of a phrase only known to me, then to hear it on the TV or Wireless. Or the answer would be given from a messenger – a friend or family member. I would be open to it coming in from literally anywhere and it would and did. Now I still see signs but I also trust the different voice speaking from somewhere operating at a higher frequency.

The Night I Received a Communication
In my thirties a family friend lost their beloved son named Sam, at sea, we did not know if he was alive or dead. I remember we had been talking all night about him. As I headed home in the car, I said out loudly to my Guardian Angel “Please let me know if Sam  is okay, if he has now crossed over safely, if he is at peace please, when I switch on this car radio I need to hear the song “I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly. Switching on the radio, the D.J announced “…and this is R. Kelly with I Believe I Can Fly” Astonished as I listened to the music track, I thanked my Angel for confirming that he had indeed transcended from this earthly plain into the Light. His body was washed up on the coast of France a few weeks later.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone with special powers you could call upon in times of need? Someone who watched over you and wanted to guide you through life’s difficulties? Well, the good news is that there are beings like that who are just waiting to be asked for help. The only trouble is that you may not recognise their existence, as angels often have subtle ways of showing their presence.

The Voice of Angels
One of the most common ways angels communicate with people is to talk to them. Their voices may not always be heard externally however, and may instead sound as though they are an inner voice that stems from your thoughts. If, like many people, your thoughts come to you as an internal voice, you might easily dismiss the voice of an angel as being part of your own inner chatter.

healing-angelThere is a distinct difference between inner talk and verbal contact from angels nonetheless. When an angel talks to you, they will have a clear and important message to give you. An angel is unlikely to converse with you about mundane issues. Instead, angels contact people when they have something important to say, whether it is a warning or another piece of advice that would be wise to heed.

If an angel’s message to you is urgent, the inner voice you hear is likely to be clear and loud, like an inner shout as opposed to a soft whisper. However, if what is said is meant for you to contemplate and mull over it may be quietly pronounced in the form of a question. For example, “should you really dip into your savings at this time?” Or, “does this person have your best interests at heart?”

Quite often they start these whisperings with the view to prompting us to take some sort of action. You may suddenly question why you are staying in your current job. This questioning becomes louder. You may shrug it off and try continue to make no changes. It is my belief that they are trying to open you up and guide you to a new path where you now need to be. Ignore these rumblings and whispers at your own peril. The work will suddenly stop for whatever reason; you are fired, company closes etc – Then you will have no choice but to look to your new path and embrace the new challenges and opportunities.

Sightings of Angels
Sometimes angels make their presence known visually. Much of the time, what is seen is subtle, although full-on sightings of six-foot angels surrounded in golden light have been made. If they don’t show themselves fully however, they might simply leave a white feather in their wake or appear as lights or colors.images

The Scent of Angels
Not all heavenly scents come from angels, no matter how delightful they smell. Scents that let you know an angel is around are those that appear unexpectedly and are extremely pleasant. If you were in a flower garden for example, the scent of fresh blooms and blossoms wouldn’t be unusual. However, if you could smell the scent of flowers when in a room where none were present this could be sign that an angel was watching over you.

Tactile Appearances of Angels
Angels rarely make contact via touch, as doing so may shock people. In certain cases though, they may offer physical comfort such as a stroke to the forehead or a feeling of warmth that spreads around the shoulders. The tactile appearance of angels only occurs if the person they touch is unlikely to be frightened by the event.energyhealing.5120150_std1

You are more likely to feel the presence of angels emotionally, as a gut feeling than to physically feel them touch you externally. Your intuition may let you know that an angel is supporting you spiritually. The feeling that you experience at such a time will be one of friendship, love and kindness. You will feel confident and safe.

Once you have learned how to recognise the presence of angels you can be open to receiving their messages to you loud and clear. You may also gain comfort and support in times of need. Watching out for signs that angels are around can help you benefit from their company.

Speak to Them – They Will Listen and Answer
You do not to go into deep prayer to speak to them. You can simply engage with them when out walking, in the shower or driving in the car. Share your worries and fears. Ask for their input and advice and guidance. Be in no doubt that they shall answer but usually in the most surprising way.

Angel Reading
If  this article has inspired you and you are curious to find out more, by way of an Angel Reading do not hesitate to contact one of our Psychic Angel Reader Specialists, who can help guide and connect you with your angels and allow you to hear them more clearly.

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