The Lovers Tarot Card; as complex as love itself.

The Lovers

The Lovers

Despite it’s name, the Lovers card is not exclusively a card relating to romance and love rather it refers to all one-to-one relationships within our lives, both platonic and romantic. The card is predominantly representative of the feminine, dealing with emotions over more masculine traits such as actions. Before we delve into the card’s significance, first let’s explore the imagery and what that symbolises, and furthermore, how it connects with your intuition.

The scene on a whole references the mythical Bible story, Adam and Eve. This signifies humanity’s conscious awakening including the evolution of our free will. The most prominent image on the card is the angel, watching over the two lovers. This is archangel Raphael, who is said in the Bible to oversee the elements, predominately the air. In this sense, air is used as a metaphor for communication and the importance it has within a healthy relationship. In the sky, the sun shines bright, illustrating warmth and security while on the ground the earth is green representing fertility and happiness. Behind the man, twelve flames are alight, indicating a deep burning desire within him, while the number twelve relates to the symbols of the zodiac, representing time and eternity. Behind the woman, the snake, a symbol of temptation and choice. The mountain in the background is a phallic symbol while the water represents the feminine and the balance between the two. When dealt in a single card reading, it is this symbology we draw upon for clarity and understanding regarding our situation.

Within the spread the Lovers card reveals harmony and confidence within a relationship; a bond which is deep and profound. In regards to romance, it indicates a physical attraction between the lovers and a desire for intimacy resulting in a deeper, more meaningful connection. The card also indicates the formation of a union or bond with someone, while this is generally accepted as a sexual relationship on some occasions it will be referring to a bond of the platonic nature. For a clearer understanding, take note of the other cards in the reading in relation to the Lovers card, this will help you gain clarity.

The Lovers card can also be representative of yourself; highlighting that you are at a cross roads resulting in a need to take a moment to re-examine your own values and morals to further understand which path you should take. You are going through a dilemma however by focusing inward you will be able to see clearly what it is important to you and therefore which path is right for you to take. You are being warned not to let temptation take you down the wrong path and to make sure that each decision you make aligns with your own morals and standing.

The reversed Lovers card indicates an avoidance in responsibility, showing a possible decision being rushed due to your desire for instant gratification, subsequently you are blaming others for your decisions. It highlights the need to make amends, to let go of the past with the aim to make better choices in the future. The reverse also exposes an inner conflict and disharmony resulting in an upheaval in your life. Furthermore, it shows an emotional imbalance in a relationship, perhaps one person has stronger feelings than the other.

Essentially, the message that the Lovers card brings, is one of positivity; whether it be relating to a certain relationship in our lives or simply ourselves. Fundamentally, it is calling for you to focus your energy towards your inner self; to make amends with what you are feeling, to improve your decision making skills and to reach a deeper level of understanding of you.

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