Online dating is rapidly becoming the preferred method for finding love in the 21st century. Once stigmatised, now embraced as mainstream, studies show that 1 in 5 relationships now begin online. The drive in popularity is evidently due to convenience, as our lives become increasingly busier the traditional methods of meeting people start to fall by the wayside. Online dating also provides a platform for those who would otherwise find it difficult to meet someone at a social event, meaning everybody now has the ability to socialise and find love. Dating as we know it is changing and for the most part, for the better, however one aspect still remains – meeting the perfect partner requires time and patience, essentially, dating is a numbers game. This is exactly where online dating excels as it provides the user with an abundance of profiles to peruse at their leisure, in the comfort and safety of their home. However all this choice offers up another challenge, who do we choose to engage with and furthermore, how can we trust them?

Fundamentally, it is important to figure out if this “special someone” is honest and therefore not wasting our time as no one wants to become a victim of falsehood; to feel cheated or scammed. Begin your interactions slowly, take your time – life isn’t a movie – real love doesn’t happen in an instant; the aim is to actually connect with someone. As you correspond online, enjoy meaningful discussions; talk about your background, education and life experiences although be sure not to share too much information. Being flirtatious is fun however until we actually know this person it serves better in simply engaging in conversation that will ultimately build trust; if they are serious and committed in the pursuit of a real relationship, then they will feel the same. Dating sites are the bridge between meeting someone for the first time and meeting them in person however without genuine, real world interaction, trust will always be an issue. We also need to recognise that only in the rarest of occasions has real love blossomed without the two people ever meeting, subsequently it would be somewhat naive to believe that we’ve found the person of our dreams without even speaking with them, face to face. When you feel ready, arrange to meet the person in broad daylight and always in a public environment; the location is your prerogative, there is no requirement for it to be romantic – it is beneficial to know if you both connect in the most mundane and natural of settings. Be sure to have a friend or relative to check up on you during your meeting for safety purposes.

A lack of trust while looking for love is not a winning combination however unfortunately we have all heard the stories that resulted in dating disasters. Could this happen to us? Is that good looking guy in the profile picture, who states he loves to cook, travel and eat exotic cuisines seriously looking for love, or is he actually on the prowl, sending hundreds of requests out in the pursuit of sexual conquests? Or that beautiful girl, who laughs at all your jokes and is well-versed in 5 languages, how do you know she isn’t merely looking for a few flings, on the rebound after her last break-up? This is where online dating becomes problematic, how can we tell if the wonderful person we’ve met is legit or are they simply playing us?

There are numerous ways to tell whether you are talking to your potential soul mate or just some player. With a little patience and trusting in your own intuitions you will inevitability be able to spot the disingenuous ones before it’s too late.

Firstly, how contactable are they? Have they given you the correct telephone number? Do they keep postponing or avoiding meeting in person? Are they only contactable at certain times of the day? Someone who is honest about their intentions, who is pursing a genuine relationship will be open and actively trying to make contact with you, not avoiding it. If they constantly are giving excuses as to why they can’t talk or why they can’t meet then this should immediately pose a red flag, as potentially they are hiding something, perhaps another partner.

Consequently the opposite should be just as alarming. If the person you’re in contact with begins to rush the situation; contacting you too frequently, calling you by pet names, and being overly affectionate. These types should be avoided; either they are desperate, with issues they need to address, which is never a great starting point in the search for true love or perhaps they are something far worse, they are scammers. If they ask for your home address or start telling you stories of woe regarding money, you should definitely become extremely cautious.

Finally, if they start to suggest that you swap inappropriate images of each other then this should give you a strong indication of their true intentions. Never feel pressurised to enter into anything you are not comfortable with.

Do not be scared to do your due diligence; are they on social media? Does the Facebook page they sent you seem genuine or has it virtually nothing on it? Listen to your gut feeling; sometimes they may seem so wonderful that we do not want to accept what your instinct is telling us.

dateappsWhen all is said and done, online dating is a great way to meet people. Thousands of people navigate the minefield of profiles and eventually find true love; it simply requires patience – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Recognise you not going to find the love of your life with the very first click and that inevitability you will come across a few “bad eggs” however by taking your time and applying some caution, you too will navigate the minefield.

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