In order to increase in spiritual power and communication, one must understand the nature of the spirit inside his or her own body. The spirit of any person has capacities that transcend the physical world and include the ability to communicate with the light and knowledge that permeates all space. The material of the human soul has a receptive ability to perceive light and understand the seen and unseen world. Spirit to spirit communications go well beyond verbal or physical gestures and transcend all of the five senses. When you connect with someone spiritually, the communication is felt and received with the transference of light. Most people have felt spirit to spirit communications, whether with friends and family or with the divine. For those who feel like they are lacking in spiritual connections, there may be a need to increase spirituality in order to enhance spiritual communication.

So what is the way to talk and make contact with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels and the Divine. Do you do this in whispered voice, silence or do you shout out? It really does not matter as whichever way you do it it creates an energy and vibration. This then connects with the higher level you seek to connect with.

You can ask for anything, just say out the words and understand that they will indeed be heard. You do not need to be in a church or follow formal ritual. When we wish to connect we can indeed connect.

The next issue is how can we hear what they are actually telling us. Do not expect a booming voice to clearly guide you (although its not unheard of). Usually it will be a strong feeling, a sense of being, an understanding that comes over you.

Eliminate Communication Inhibitors
The biggest problem anyone faces in today’s world is the problem of distraction. We live in a world that is filled with distractions, most of them technological. Spiritual communications require focus and attentiveness. It’s hard enough to try and stay focused on the day-to-day necessities and still have spiritual communication with The Divine and others without the added distractions of the world. Anyone who is constantly distracted by loud music or video games might not be able to notice the subtle communications of a spiritual nature. Any kind of addiction is a major inhibitor to spiritual communication. When a person is consumed by drugs or alcohol, that person loses his or her ability to receive spiritual light. An inhibitor of spiritual communication can lead a person to diminish in spiritual light, which will limit his or her ability to receive or notice other light. By eliminating distractions and addictions, a person will take the first big step to opening up to the light of spiritual communications.

Use the Spiritual Light in Your Possession
So when you seek guidance who do you decide to reach out to? Myself if I want change in my work situation or my love life I call upon my Spirit Guides. If its about me myself personally I call upon my higher self. For issues regarding health and healing I ask service and guidance from my Angels.
In order to increase in spirituality, it’s important to use the spiritual power you already have. This light is often easiest to recognize through the process of consistent and deep meditation. Thinking on the spiritual truth your spirit has in its current state will allow you to see what light you are lacking. This will open your spirit to further communication from the spiritual light that is available everywhere. By considering deeply on the light you have, you will see a clear path to the light you need and be open to it.

Use the Gifts You Have
As you become more open to light, you will realize that light is enhanced by more light. When it comes to spirituality, it increases to the degree it is used. This is because we learn more about the light we have and attract additional light at the same time. Everyone has talents, and those talents come from the light possessed in each human spirit. As part of your meditation, you can learn about and think on the talents you have been given, and then look for ways to use those talents in positive ways. Helping others with your talents is one of the surest ways to grow in spiritual power.

Communicating – Make Contact
This is down to you very own personal choice. You will find what best suits you. Some people start by burning candles and playing music. Others quieten themselves and using breathing techniques to help them go deeper within themselves. Some prefer to pray while them commune with the higher force they wish to connect with. There is not right or wrong way it is a matter of what works for you.

My Voice or “Their Voice”
The obvious dilemma is how to identify if you are listening to your own voice or really the voice of something more powerful. It takes time and it will take levels of practice. It is like you get to a point where you loose yourself somewhat. It is not logical, intuition becomes stronger and more real. You loose the ego part of yourself. You will become and feel something quite different. But it does usually take some level of practice. See if what you have heard does come to pass; does the knowledge gained seem true? Always show great gratitude in your meditations and send out Love. This will be returned to you hundred fold. Because of the great power of visualisation and asking for what you want, take care for what you wish for as be in no doubt your wishes and commands will be heard and they will indeed manifest into your destiny and reality.

Find Your Identity
Spiritual growth and communication also involves understanding the self. Many people have spiritual capacities that are connected to their unique spiritual identity and makeup. Just as all people look different physically, their spirits have special features. As you meditate on your spiritual light and spiritual talents, it’s also of paramount importance to comprehend your spiritual identity. This process involves seeing your unique qualities and how your light, talents, and personal perceptions give you a special ability that no one else has. This gives you a unique spiritual communication style and voice, which will also enhance your personal influence and power when interacting with others and the divine.

Exercising your unique spiritual abilities will help them expand, and the growth possibilities of each spirit are limitless. As you invest in your own spiritual understanding of your own spirit, you will start to see how much potential you have to give and receive spiritually.