We were recently contacted by Emily a young recently qualified lawyer. We have decided to publish her words and story to give some insight as to the possible enlightened experience customers truly can experience through the very gift of a professional psychic reading.
All of my life, I never believed in anything, like karma, or psychic reading whatsoever. But at one point, ‘just for fun’, I decided to have a psychic reading it actually turned out to be a life experience I could never forget.

Emily Romita - Enlightened by her First Psychic Reading

Emily Romita – Enlightened by her First Psychic Reading

My love life has its own ups and downs and sometimes I would wonder if there is really was anyone out there that is for me. The man that really fits just me. To me, this question remained unanswered until a friend of mine decided to have a psychic reading with a psychic reader. She said she would let me know the results. With a doubtful mind, I listened to her as she described her experience to me, I was skeptical about what a psychic could offer me. After listening to some of the remarkable insight as to what she had been shown I decided that I would give it a chance.

The first and foremost issue that the Psychic wanted to address was be to read into some of my character traits based on my own astrological sign, and if the reader could get some of this right, perhaps I would be more convinced as to what he was telling me. I didn’t even understand how a reading could actually give enlightenment to my life. I can’t see how an enlightenment can bring me to my soul mate. I mean, I have read astrology in magazines and I think they’re just general knowledge, but not an in-depth reading of what your sign actually tells you to do. I was not expecting to be given a spiritual insight.
The reading started with my sign, I’m a Gemini by the way. I was told that:
> I’m an introverted person, which is quite true.
> I tend to have trust issues with the people around me, that’s another truth
> I prefer to stay alone rather than partying all night with strangers – unbelievably true!
Apparently I could not truly find my twin flame because of some of these traits. “So what should I do?” I asked. I need to be more open, more accepting, more caring. I need to embrace my positive thoughts to my actions and behaviours, instead of just thinking about it. I also need to believe in love because the truth is, I haven’t believed in love since my last relationship went down the drain and he ran away with one of my sister’s friends.

Well, now that I know the negativity has been holding me back, it became clear to me that I shouldn’t be that ‘negative’. I should be a confident person when it comes to love and also have a little faith. The reading also told me that I’m a person that can’t be strictly told what to do. This way, I should find a person that gives me the freedom to achieve my dreams and yet is still there to support me. This is a brief insight on how I should choose the guy who will be close to me, for sure. The psychic also could see evidence within my spread that I would meet a few potential people that could be my soul mate. I should choose carefully based on the traits that the reading told me.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t prepared to be told what I needed to hear instead of what I actually wanted to hear. I was overwhelmed and scared and happy at the same time. But I learned that our destiny can also be what we make it, so the best thing to do is to apply the reading results so I could be on the correct path when searching out my soul mate.

To me, the psychic reading was beyond words and explanation and I can’t be sure how the evidence can really match my character but it really did and it helped me to better ‘predict’ my future. Basically it was a great experience and a satisfying moment, as I finally know what I should do and what I should avoid. It told me what I needed to know, what I needed to do to get to another point in my life.

At least the difficult cycle of my relationships can end or be somewhat mitigated. Although it may not be 100% clear to me right now, I do believe that the reading really helped me and details seem to be unfolding the way that they should be. I think everyone could indeed benefit from a psychic reading and what better place to start than by choosing to read with one of the carefully chosen professional team psychic readers, talented in Tarot and all forms of cartomancy. I can only highly recommend one of the wonderful psychic readers on Cartomancy.uk.