The Benefits are clear when deciding to have a psychic reading with one of our Psychics. In this post we just want to run through the main benefits and ways to pay for your reading along with the costs.


Benefits of a Credit Card Reading

You can speak to a Customer Care Agent to help you select a reader who will best suit your requirements.

You can purchase a Call Package with gives you free minutes on your readings.

Sign up and receive exclusive offers and discounts on future calls.

Package Prices
20 Mins – £30.00
30 Mins + 3 free minutes = £45.00
45 Mins + 5 free minutes = £67.50
60 Mins + 7 minutes = £90.00
75 Mins + 9 Free minutes = £112.50
90 Mins + 11 free minutes = £135.00

Benefits of Paying Direct from Your Phone

Ability to access our services if you do not own a credit card or debit card.

You can pay on your own phone bill for calls rather than the reading requiring immediate payment. Cost are £1.50 per minute.

Calls are capped to 30 minute so good for discussing minor issues.


Benefits of a Text Reading

An excellent way to get a quick answer to simple question. This is great for when you are out and about and need quick guidance. Prices only £3.

New Customers

New customers benefit from a great introductory offer when using their debit or credit card.

You will only be charged 29p per minute for your first 10 minutes.